9 militants killed in exchange of fire with Rangers in Karachi

KARACHI, Dec 25 (INP): The rangers kicked the targeted operation against criminal elements in top gear, as seven more terrorists were blotted out late Wednesday night in the course of an hour in different areas of the metropolis.

The number of outlaws killed mounted to nine. The paramilitary troops recovered weapons from the possession of the criminals.

Springing into action over intelligence, the personnel of paramilitary force launched action in Sohrab Goth’s area of Janjal Goth. Finding themselves surrounded by the force, terrorists opened fire.

In retaliatory fire, four saboteurs were killed. The firearms were seized from them.

Patrolling rangers personnel spotted some suspected persons in Surjani Town and beckoned them to stand motionless. But, they opened gunfire at the paratroopers.

The rangers returned the fire killing three on the spot.

A rangers man also sustained injuries.  The saboteurs were identified as Anwar, Nasrullah and Shiree Raheem.

In an armed encounter with the operatives of drug-trafficking Ashok Group in Chanesar Goth, two of the gangsters were killed.

The deceased have been identified as Nadir Baloch and Wajahat alias Machhi.


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