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45 months in 45 days?

Federal cabinet that had to take oath on Tuesday has been delayed as the interim PM Abbasi remains indecisive about the cabinet members. The controversial cabinet has not only been speculated about the inclusion of Chaudhry Nisar but is also being discussed by many on the accounts of aggressive speakers of PML-N including Danial Aziz and Talal Chaudhry. Interim PM who intended to mark his 45 days as some bollywood fiction has been faced by his first challenge. He knows that it isn’t only LNG that will haunt him afterwards but is also the assortment of his ministers that will form his cabinet. Premiership is not as trouble-free as is thought by many. But PM Abbasi, while delivering his first speech as a PM has depicted utter confidence. If the politics is not the amalgamation of contradictory statements and undone actions then it would be right to say that the countdown has been started. Mr Abbasi, considered to be a polite personality, has a high stature which he depicted in the National Assembly while attending to the runner ups. But what stands in his way is a bigger challenge than mere handshakes. There is an unending list of challenges .It starts with the poor governance and goes up to the deteriorating law and order situation. Pakistan has serious threats to its sovereignty. According to an estimate 832 lives have been taken while 3,000 have been injured in the LoC violations.  Be it the introduction of Bills by the US Congressmen that underestimate Pakistan’s war of terror or be it the stance of the international world regarding the Saudi led military alliance, no one will wait for Pakistan’s internal unrest to get settled. Moreover, pervasive corruption, upsetting inflation, frequent power cuts, escalating poverty, insidious unemployment and menacing gender gap are to name a few of the challenges that stand still in front of the new interim PM. While the nation looks up to the new PM to come up with the strong tenacity against all the ill wills, this premiership will also set the stage for the PML-N vote bank.

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