29 fake accounts used for transaction of Rs35bn: JIT report

ISLAMABAD: The Joint Investigation Report (JIT) report claimed that 29 fake accounts had been used for transaction of Rs35 billion.

According to the JIT report, Omni group established 11 fake companies to operate 16 accounts in Summit Bank, eight in Sindh Bank and five in UBL.

The report further revealed that the fake entities used Park Lane Company, which is owned by former president and Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, as their business addresses in their account opening forms.

According to the facts mentioned in the report, Rs8 billion transaction had been made in the bank account of Asif Zardari’s close aide Mushtaq Ahmad. He visited 80 countries along with the PPP co-chairman and has been living abroad.

The former president had presented Mushtaq as his physiotherapist, the report revealed.

The report further revealed that super model Aayan Ali transferred billions of rupees in her more than 80 visits to overseas countries.

Zardari paid Rs14 billion tax from the account of deceased Idrees, while Idrees’s fake account was operated even after death. Five fake bank accounts had been opened in the name of Omni group employee Ashraf, while Lucky International’s account was opened under the name of Adnan Computer Hardware and the account of Royal Traders was opened under the name of Ahmad Anoosh.

Dream Trading’s account was opened under the name of Rasheed Rickshawwala. According to JIT report, four fake bank accounts were opened in the name of Iqbal Arain, who had died May 9, 2014.

As many as 10 fake accounts worth Rs9 billion had been opened in the name of Omni Group employee Umair. The report revealed that Asif Zardari along with 60 others used Omni Group’s helicopter.=DNA

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