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28 May, Takbeer Day: The ego bomb explodes

The snickering patricians of the ruling coterie have celebrated Yom E Takbeer with a matchless sound and fury and have literally violated our eardrums with their eulogies for the PM to a disgusting extent.

One wonders, can you really celebrate this day sans mentioning Dr A Q Khan? Can you discuss this great journey towards Nukes without mentioning ZA Bhutto? Can you celebrate it without naming Zia ul Haq and Ghulam Ishaque Khan? It is your ego that has sidestepped these personalities or you are totally ignorant about the whole episode and you think as if the Atomic Bomb was preared in Ittefaq Foundary? If it is ignorance, may pity be upon you. If it is sick ego , may more pity be upon you. Disgusting my sir! Yoy have offended the moral sense of the nation. Not the joy and pleasure but a feeling of aversion and antipathy is all around.

28th of May is a day of national pride. It is not a trade mark of PLN. It is not the acumen of Nawaz Shareef or Mayor of Islamabad that made us the first Muslim Nuclear power. There are many heroes who have contributed for this cause. But the PMLN sound and fury becomes a whimper when it comes to the real heroes and their laudatory commendation and eulogies are only for their master, Mr Prime Minister. I repeat, really disgusting it was.

28th of May is a day of pride for the whole nation. The government should have celebrated it in its true spirit. It is not a PMLN activity, it’s a national day. The government must not behave in such an abject way. The nation needs unity. This is Islamic republic of Pakistan. This is not a fiefdom of PMLN .

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