Recent victories in elections reflect trust of masses on PMLN: Majid Kiyani

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‘Ch. Nisar Ali Khan is my role model and inspiration’

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RAWALPINDI: People have voted in great numbers in favour of ruling party as recent victories in elections reflect trust of masses on PMLN. Local body elections are the nurseries of democracy which flourish political leadership at the grass roots level. Elections are being held after gab of almost a decade and first time on party basis but this step would indeed redress the grievances of local residents. These views were expressed by young, educated candidate from Rehmat Abad UC-79 Majid Mehmood Kiyani who is contesting elections for the slot of Vice Chairman under the banner of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, the ruling party. He said that people have voted in great numbers in other districts of Punjab in favour of ruling party, which reflects the trust of people in PMLN. He said that according to the wishes of leadership of PMLN, panel of Rehmat Abad is consisted upon well education people with great reputation in the area. He said that candidate for Chairman Lala Rehman Gul is well known for his people friendly attitude in the area. He said that Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan is his role model and his politics is an inspiration for him. He said that PMLN is the party for real change, its focus is not only building infrastructure like Metro busses and main highways but also on providing best healthcare, education facilities with great emphasize on energy projects to eradicate energy deficit. He urged the people of his constituency to come out and vote for his panel which would grantee to redress of their grievances. While talking to scribe he said that people are facing dire issues like lack of safe drinking water, dilapidated roads, shortage of garbage dumping points, absence of street lights, shortage of place for graveyard etc. He said that if a local leader would be given the responsibility to mend the petty issues of residents, he would be in a better position to solve them. He was of the view that a hefty amount from monthly budget of a family living in most parts of his constituency goes to pay for water tankers. “If family of a house pays Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 to water tankers than it should be a matter of huge concern for the concerned authorities” he added. Throwing light on another major issue, Majid Kiyani said that residents of his constituency do not have proper graveyard which is one of the basic necessities. Majid Kiyani urged that if citizen would vote for ‘Lion’ his election symbol and he was given chance to take care of the issues of local residents he would not disappoint them. It is pertinent to mention here that ECP has decided to conduct local government elections in Punjab in three phases. Elections would be held in Rawalpindi and in other 11 districts of Punjab on December 5.

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