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19 flights canceled, 16 delayed due to heavy fog in Lahore

LAHORE: Owing to heavy fog in Lahore, air operations at Allama Iqbal International Airport have been suspended to avoid any untoward incidents.

Due to the suspension of air operations, 19 domestic and international flights have been cancelled, while 16 flights have been delayed.

The cancelled flights include the Dubai-bound flight number 410 of a private airline, Riyadh-bound flight number 318, flight number 342 going to Najaf, flight 715 to Istanbul, and flight 244 to Abu Dhabi.

Flight 430 to Abu Dhabi and flight 132 to Kuala Lumpur have also been cancelled due to heavy fog.Earlier this month, flight operations at Lahore Airport were affected due to heavy fog as visibility on the runway was reduced to less than 800 meters. According to the airport inquiry, six flights to Lahore were cancelled and eight were delayed because of low visibility. 

According to the Met office, similar weather conditions will prevail for the next 24 hours.

Fog disrupts trains across country

Last week, schedules for trains were severely disrupted after heavy fog engulfed multiple cities and towns across the country.

According to the Railway inquiry, trains from Karachi and Quetta were delayed by one to six hours due to unsuitable weather conditions.

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