05 outlaws including seven suspects arrested; hashish and weapons seized

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police have arrested five outlaws including seven suspects from various areas of the city and recovered hashish, heroine, two illicit pistols and looted items recovered from their possession, a police spokesman.

According to details, Shahzad Town police arrested accused Tabsam and recovered 150 bullets of pistol 30 bore from him.  Koral police arrested Nasir Iqbal and recovered 215 gram hashish from him.

CIA police arrested accused Sher Ali and recovered one 30 bore pistols along with ammunition from him.  Shalimar police arrested accused Ali Hassan and recovered 10 gram heroine from him.

Sabzi Mandi Police recovered a tampered case from the possession of accused Jozaf. Banigala police arrested accused Muhammad Fayyaz and recovered one 32 bore pistol along with ammunition from him.

Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway from them. Furthermore Industrial Area police arrested seven suspects. SSP Islamabad has appreciated this overall performance and directed all police officials to accelerate their efforts to curb activities of anti-social elements. NNI

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