We all are responsible for delay in cases: Chief Justice

April 11, 2018

QUETTA: Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Wednesday said that they all are responsible for delay in cases as they continue run till 40 years. Speaking at a ceremony in Quetta, the CJP asserted that it is time that we rectify errors in our own home.

“Justice is necessary for any society as it cannot run with injustice. Maybe we are not utilizing our capabilities in the real sense. People receive justice from courts. We should be aware of our laws and rights. I am surprised where those judges have gone who use to pen down the verdict. A person should be fully informed law and constitution for giving a verdict,” maintained the CJP.

He declared that though the judges do not have the power to lawmaking but they have to decide over a case as per old laws.

“People who do not receive justice die every day. We are not getting those government resources which are inevitable for the system. Will we go against the justice if resources are not being delivered? This is not possible as it is government’s responsibility to provide you with valid privileges. We do not announce verdicts of our likes but according to law and constitution,” the CJP said.

He advised the judges to work with passion and diligence for the provision of justice to the people. INP