Trump’s Islamophobia

October 7, 2017

Western history is tinted with its accusations on Islam and widespread campaign on Islamophobia. We need not to go in the past to prove how much contradictory these accusations have been from the reality. Donald Trump has been accusing Muslims for all the terrorists’ attacks and has practically shown his hatred by imposing bans on Muslims countries. Interestingly, Since Trump took office; more Americans have been killed by white American men with no connection to Islam than by Muslim terrorists or foreigners. Recent Stephen Paddock’s attack in Las Vegas — a shooting rampage that left 58 dead and hundreds seriously wounded has once again given air to this question. Why only Muslim attackers have to be labeled as terrorists? Why the administration has turned its eyes from the reality. And if it isn’t the case then why is America still facing increased racist attacks. When Trump said that “We don’t want ‘em here,” while imposing his famous ban on the Muslim countries he was of the view that he is cleaning America by throwing out the “radical Islamic terrorists.” Then why is it still tainted with bloodshed of brutal massacres. ISIS does pose a real threat to America but speaking logically, it poses the same threat to all other countries including Yemen, Iran, Syria, and Pakistan. This unnatural association of ISIS with the Muslim world is doing more bad to Trump’s administration than good. A study conducted by Reveal and the Center for Investigative Reporting showed that more attacks in US were carried out by non Muslims than the Muslims. Interestingly, even most of the Muslim attackers were not the nationals of any country other than United States itself. It negates Trump’s allegation of entrance of terrorists from other countries after 9/11. The record of last 15 years major attacks in US shows that not even a single one was carried out by the perpetrators from the Trump’s banned countries. San Bernardino shooter, Orlando nightclub shooter, Boston marathon bombers, attempted Times Square bomber are just to name a few that were all from different descents but ultimately were American-born. All these facts point out at the wrong target America is focusing on. Estimated 7.7 million Americans own guns and the country is still not able to come up with a proper ban because its only focus is to rid itself from Muslims rather than the actual terrorists.

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