Stop blaming Pakistan on ‘Kashmir Policy’

February 14, 2017

By Adeel Bashir

On 5th February, the masses of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir rejoice ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’. adeel-bashir-articleAlthough during a whole year, office-bearers try to organize different platforms but on 5th February, the day officially terms as ‘Kashmir solidarity Day’. The representatives of governments from Pakistan and AJK might try to show their faces in past and welcomed the voice of defenseless Kashmiris. The masses on national and international level may sense fear and disappoint when a heart touching picture either in print or electronic media causes panic.

Can I term the ‘Kashmir day’ as a day of officials only while other days specific for individuals… It should be understood that the dispute of Kashmir is not an issue to be solved by Kashmiris rather it is a matter of Pakistan and Indian governments’ dialogue, according to the resolutions of United Nations. It is a responsibility of the Government of Pakistan and also India to ruminate this issue as a problem of humankind.

Pakistan must articulate a multi-dimensional strategy against Indians’ lobby at abroad. With the background of Kashmir dispute I had a good sitting with three prominent personalities i.e. Convener APHC Ghulam Muhammad Safi, a member of Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan and analyst Ahmed Raza Qasoori. I asked about the policy of Pakistan on Kashmir issue. All the political and government personalities from Pakistan and Azad Kashmir spot the ‘Youm-e-Yakjhati  Kashmir’ with slogans for families but during the whole year these people have lethargic attitude to solve Kashmir issue. I have reservation that up to what extent the people in Indian occupied Kashmir can give blood.

Many years have passed but Pakistan has no strong policy on international level. Why Pakistan even after martyrdom of Burhan Wani is noiseless? Pakistan must make a strategy to compel United Nations to consider resolutions on Kashmir. On the same question Mr. Khalid Ibrahim contradicted the mind set of Mr. Gulam Safi. He said that Pakistan has a very lucid policy on Kashmir. My father Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan (late) was the first individual who voiced for Ilhaaq-e-Pakistan in Srinagar. India contemplates that IOK is an integral part of India. I say it is totally a wrong perception. But as a writer I have different thought. If APHC feel that Pakistan has no policy on Kashmir then why the members of APHC are feeling happy in Pakistan. First they should give opinion to policy makers of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir governments’ to verbalize the state policy then enjoy the milieu.

The other thing is, being a member of AJK Assembly Mr. Khalid Ibrahim should raise a point in assembly for the representation of Kashmiris in foreign countries that only and only Kashmiris can present their case in notable manner. My second question was about the role of Kashmir Committee. Mr.Ahmed Raza Qasoori said that Fazul-ur-Rehman is an uneducated and off-the-cuff personality according to modern ethics. He should be removed and committee ought to be re-formed. Mr. Safi said that I have many consultations with Fazul-ur-Rehman and he often say that he is handicapped and cannot do anything. I said that committee should be based on Senate and National assembly. Mr. Khalid Ibrahim said that Fazal ur Rehman enjoyed the prestige of seat and has not call any meeting however Gen(R) Pervaiz Musharraf have called  the Kashmir committee almost  eight times. In my opinion Kashmiris should be given a true representation in the delegations mention for international forums. Mr. Ahmed Raza Qasoori told that on national level Pakistan should call ambassadors conference. The members of OIC should meet at Makkah for ‘Makkah declaration’.

In my opinion it is a need of the hour to understand the pain of Kashmiris. They are being tortured through modern technology and becoming psychological patients. On International level, there should be a proper lobby of Pakistan with deliberation. It is not enough to sit in talk shows and deliver ideas rather time demand hard work. All those who are at helm should address the entire nation throughout a whole year .If personalities are not clear then Pakistan should make a policy otherwise confused people should formulate and equip policy makers….but stop blaming Pakistan.

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