Sindh Assembly approves resolution demanding PM resignation unanimously

April 21, 2017

KARACHI (INP): Sindh Assembly passed a resolution on Friday calling resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after the Panama case verdict in which two judges disqualified him.

As the Sindh Assembly session gets started skirmish between opposition leader Izharul Hassan and deputy speaker Shehla Raza erupted and both hurled serious allegations against each other, however PPP leader Nisar Khuro expressing regret over misconduct of both MPAs suggested they should respect their respective slots.

Amid uproar PPP leader Nisar Khuro tabled resolution against PM Nawaz Sahrif demanding his resignation while PTI MPA Khurram Sherzaman also tabled the same move. The house approved the resolution unanimously.

Following the approval of resolution, Nisar Khuro said in his address that judges have not given PM clean chit while two judges had disqualified him, therefore PM should resign from his post.