Semester system and our reading habit

October 24, 2017


By Prof Aftab Amber

In every educational corner semester system is heralding about its existence and importance.

No doubt it is a system on peak now a days, but one deficiency is growing and sprouting among the student community that is a distance of the students from book seems odd and awkward when we are not inclined towards books. Habit is a second nature, these are different in people. The persons who are lovers of books, they remain happy in it and this is their habit, on the other side non bookish feel pleasure in a world without it can be said that parameters vary from person to person.

Bacon is of this view; some books are to be chewed, others to be swallowed, and some few to be digested; now trend has been changed in society. Priority has gone now to the different prior set of mind.

In past it was a common practice among people that they used to read a book before going to sleep, it was their firm bent of mind ,that a reading habit was a meditational work and they were very fair and honest towards this bent of mind. This activity was a source of pleasure and knowledge. Craze for selection of books was central and is said that an experience is an expensive teacher. People of the olden times were the people having pragmatic approach. Now things are contrary to the existing facts. The Shortest system to get degrees is based upon semesters, in this shortest way we have slipped books from our hands, now students are after collecting short forms notes, it is a good practice to compile notes, but the actual spirit of knowledge is vanishing, we are producing degree holders only and empty minded stuff. I am not talking about the learned and well versed people.

Now originality and true spirit of knowledge is no more among people. Now the man of modern era is at ease to have many sources at his door step to get benefit.

Interest in text book is no more in usual practice; therefore an inefficient stuff is being produced

There is a great need to emphasize on reading habits to improve, we should develop this activity on a large scale to make a room in a studious circle, in west countries libraries are more and people get benefit from these libraries, in our country a few persons sit in libraries, the youngsters are mad after cell phone world more keenly, positive benefits can be taken from it but  many of us loose chance of is fact which is exact and correct that we can mend our ways to become a good reader of the books.

BOOK IS a good friend of ours, a course book is a necessary for our need no doubt, but others books should be in our reading circles. The more we read the more we get.

A good civilized society makes the hall mark to set its originality by being a good book reader. A good nation is good trend setters for his followers.

Let us become an alive nation with our good book reading.