Save healthcare system

December 2, 2018

Doctors’ community is one of the most over-worked in the Pakistan. The country has one doctor for every 6,325 persons. Due to the socio-economic and political insecurity, we are a nation starved for healing. Each person houses and harbors a subdued dissatisfaction that takes shape of unsteady temper, suddenly showing rage at the wrong time and unjustifiable aggressive criticism. We are a nation with uncovered passions and in need of doctors all the times. It is important to be attentive to the need of the hour and take certain actions to trim down the brawls between the general public and the healthcare professionals. A lot of occurrences of violence against doctors have been growing throughout the country with ostensibly ever-increasing regularity. By word of mouth abuses and finger pointing, even a number of cases of physical assaults and sexual harassment have emerged giving way to rising concern in the healthcare department. In case of such incidences, on most of the occasions, misleading portrayal of the tale is given and spread leaving behind enough space for promoting friction. In case of hostility against doctors, one can draw attention to a few main issues to figure out the grounds on which such acts of violence might have been committed. One should know that there are at all times three sides to the story: your side, their side and the right side, which is based on a holistic point of view of the happening. There are several complainants whose general perception against doctors is that they are either careless or not much knowledgeable; scores of people do not hesitate in labeling them as butchers on account of their business-minded approach when it comes to choosing treatment strategies. Some of these accusations are based on poor individual experiences, for the reason that not all the five fingers of our hands are alike. Some generalize their experiences and try to apply upon the whole community of doctors. One can easily say that such conduct is just outrageous. On some occasions, doctors have even been held responsible for non-availability of necessary resources in the hospitals. Such guys simply forget the truth that the availability of the resources does not fall within the purview of the responsibility of a doctor. It is either the hospital administration or in case of public sector, the government. Unfortunately, like every other department and sector in the country, violence has hit hard the different levels of the healthcare system as well. Doctors and the paramedical staff are naturally concerned about their safety, to whatever extent they endeavor to be cooperative and receptive to the needs of the patients, every other day they are victimized by the unwarranted violence shown by the family members of the patients.