Ridiculing judiciary totally undemocratic: Siraj

February 9, 2018

LAHORE Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the attitude of ridiculing the judiciary and obstructing the process of accountability was totally undemocratic.

Addressing a big Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that the corrupt elements refusing to accept the judiciary’s supremacy were playing with the country’s future only to escape the law grip of the law.

He said if the supremacy of the judiciary was not accepted and the institutions were not allowed to work freely, the country would plunge into anarchy and chaos. He however added that the corruption mafia would not be able to digest their unlawful wealth as the nation fully stood behind the judiciary and the state institutions.

Sirajul Haq said that the amnesty schemes were announced only to protect the unlawful income of the corrupt.

He said that a deaf, dumb and blind system prevailed in the country and the ruling elite was maligning the institutions to maintain the status quo. He said the masses had been overjoyed with the beginning of the accountability of the big plunderers. However, rulers believing themselves over and above the law were trying their level best to make the institutions controversial.

The JI chief said the masses rightly considered the ruling elite responsible for all their problems. He said the present rulers considered themselves Moghal princes but they were more worse  than the Moghals because the Moghal  had build their palaces within their empire but the present rulers had built palaces in London and Dubai. INP