Protecting the JIT members

June 20, 2017

As the Panama case proceedings go forward , there comes a crunch question to fore: Who will protect the JIT members in future from the snickering patricians of the ruling elite who are at fire threatening the members and the honorable judges  in public that after your retirement we will make you a horrible example? These members are doing their job, a job that really is not an easy job, it is something more than walking on a tight rope over fire. If someone is threatening them, shouldn’t someone come forward and ensure them that they are safe?

It is not only Nihal Hashmi now the state institutions are now threatening these members. The JIT has alleged and the IB has confessed. What a pity! What a sad state of affairs in the government. Something is really rotten.

The JIT has questioned the role of government institutions including the IB before the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. This is an alarming development. But the more alarming is the response of Intelligence Bureau that has actually conceded to the allegations leveled by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) saying that the IB directorate always gathered intelligence on matters of national importance. The JIT’s has clearly alleged that IB is harassing its members. The JIT alleged that IB had hacked the Facebook account of Bilal Rasul . Bilal Rasul is a member of the JIT. The complaint said that the facebook account was also being used by the family members of Bilal Rasul.

The JIT had also alleged that IB officials were found loitering near the residence of one of the members of JIT. They were dare enough that later visited his residence and questioned the housekeeper. This development resulted into panic and fear in the family.

Now the question is: what if something happens to JIT members? Who will be responsible? Does it fall within the mandate of the IB?  Whether the IB is doing its job or trying to appease its masters? Are the government institution allowed to work for the personal gains of the accused? A commoner like me is grappled with a troubling question:  These members are doing their job. If someone is threatening them, shouldn’t someone come forward and ensure them that they are safe? Who will bell the cat?

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