Only 45 days?

August 3, 2017

(Asif Mehmood)

This is intriguing .This is really intriguing, gripping and fascinating. This is full of surprise

As Mr Shahid khaqan Abbasi , the Prime Minister elect , addresses the parliament after assuming his office, the commoner like me finds himself grappled with a paradoxical, insoluble and  prima facie an inexplicable conundrum: Whether or not the Prime Minister elect is there for just 45 days?  On the face of it the answer is NO. Don’t take my words for it , his own speech in the parliament speaks volumes of the fact that in all likelihood he is there  not only for 45 days.  Please look at some excerpts from his speech.

  • “Action will be taken against them if my cabinet allows for it. The federal government will seize all automatic weapons, compensating people in return,”
  • “One thing that is very close to my heart is [the collection of] taxes
  • “The perception here is that paying taxes is optional […] if my cabinet approves, I will set my sights on non-taxpayers,”.
  • “Agriculture is the backbone of the country,” Abbasi said. “Although I am not an agriculturalist, I feel their pain.

Now look at this agenda. Look at this plan. Look at his to do list. Do you think this plan of a Prime Minister who is in office for just 45 days? This is either merely a lip service or it is a plan of months, not for days.

We are well aware that PMLN has questioned the JIT report on this pretext that how is it possible to prepare ten volumes in just 60 days.  Now the same question can be asked from the Prime Minister: How can complete his agenda when he has only 45 days in office? He is just talking to the galleries or he knows well he has some months and not the 45 days?

This question is of paramount importance. This is not a question of too little money.