Massacre of labourers in Balochistan

May 6, 2018

Six labourers working on network installation for a private telecommunication company were shot dead by unidentified men in Kharan district of Balochistan province on Thursday night.

According to levies forces, the labourers, who hailed from Punjab, were fixing a mobile tower in area when they were attacked. Levies and personnel from other law enforcement agencies reached the site and launched an investigation into the incident soon thereafter. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

Militants have repeatedly targeted labourers from Punjab and Sindh working in various parts of Balochistan. This is not the first incident of its kind as such gory incidents have been witnessed in the past as well. Last year, four labourers from Sindh working on a road project were gunned down in the same area. At that time labourers were working on construction of a road when the suspected militants opened fire on them and they escaped unhurt from the site of the attack. Levies forces termed the incident an act of target killing as all the victims belonged to Sindh.

In April, 2015, 20 labourers were killed while working for a private construction company in Gokdan, about 15 kilometres from Turbat city in Balochistan. Most of the victims hailed from Sindh and Punjab who were busy working on an under-construction bridge over the Sorap stream. The responsibility of the killings was claimed by the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF).

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took on Saturday suo motu notice of the killing of six labourers in Kharan district of Balochistan. Moreover, notices have also been issued to chief secretary Balochistan and Inspector General of Police Balochistan in this regard. The Supreme Court will hear the case at Quetta Registry on May 11.

Ongoing situation is alarming. Mega projects are in progress in Balochistan and labourers from Punjab and Sindh province along with locals are also working there, but it seems that they are working in dangerous atmosphere. Involvement of anti-Pakistan elements in creating instability in Balochistan cannot be denied. Pakistan has raised serious allegations on the involvement on Indian intelligence agency in Balochistan by exploiting anti-state elements in order to gain their heinous objective of creating instability. It is high time to take stern action against elements involved in the killing of poor labourers and bring stability and security in the largest province of the country.

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