Male chauvinism and harassment prejudices

August 21, 2017

Sexual harassment may be awful but its post scenario of walking down the stairs of ‘respect’ is even worst. No law and no amendments will change the approach of the society unless the society is willing to take the subject seriously and stops spewing out hatred for the victim. 50% of working women face sexual harassment, a research conducted by UNISON in 2008 brought forward this ‘tiny’ figure. Numbers of surveys have been conducted in this capacity but they can’t, in any way, bring forward the cases that have never been reported. The prevalent patriarchic culture of Pakistani society makes it nearly impossible even for the working women to speak up against the uncivilized mannish moves.  Comprising of about half of the Pakistan’s population, women still can’t outnumber men in the working environments. It isn’t because of any feminine obstacles neither is a consequence of some incompetence. The blame not only goes to the male assertiveness in the society but also to the harassing prejudices that have been penetrated deep into the social order.  This endemic gender inequality stands as the obstacle that has become hard to cross even after the improved legislations. The roots of such prejudice can be traced back to the anti women legislations of the military rule in Pakistan. This state sponsored harassment and in some cases the legit sexual annoyance will keep on swaddling around the woman’s neck until the society keeps on responding the way it did in Ayesha Gulalai’s case. It will keep on growing luxuriantly until the society keeps on using the word ‘feminism’ as an abuse. Let us pause here to make the point clear; Gulalai must be an accuser and whatever she is saying might be a mere fabrication. But how light hearted the society is who excitedly waylay for sexual harassment cases so as to get amused by the contents later on. It isn’t about the culprit or the victim neither is about the legislation. But it is about the overall disposition of the society which has given a spell in the hands of some manly adamant who feel more liberated to attack the ‘weaker sex’. In fact the post scenario of the harassment that humiliates the woman might provide more satisfaction to his male ego.  It starts from a mere comment on social media and goes upto the extreme of honor killing.

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