Kashmir Solidarity Day

February 5, 2018

Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed worldwide on the 5th of February every year to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir for their freedom struggle against the Indian occupation. Paying homage to the martyrs of the Kashmir struggle is another objective of the day.  India’s occupation of Kashmir which has made a mockery of the resolutions of the United Nation (UN) should be a matter of concern for the UN. The J&K valley has been illegally occupied by the Indian forces since 1948.

The Kashmir issue is a significant dispute between two nuclear armed nations, the issue is not just territorial anymore but also humanitarian. The Indian army has been committing atrocities against the Kashmiris for decades. It is time that the international community realizes that the Kashmiris must be given the prerogative of self determination. If referendum can take place in Scotland to decide whether it wants to stay with the Great Britain or opt for independence then why the same cannot be done in Kashmir.

Pakistan has been persistently raising the Kashmir issue on international forums, recently speaking in the debate on the Middle East, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr Maleeha Lodhi called on the Security Council to live up to its responsibilities on resolutions on Palestine and Kashmir. Ambassador Lodhi reaffirmed Pakistan’s continued support to the legitimate aspirations of people living under foreign occupation in Palestine, IoK and elsewhere.

The Indian government must also realize that the just struggle of the people of Kashmir cannot be suppressed by using military might and committing atrocities like the killings of innocent civilians, use of excessive force on the common people and ban on peaceful political, religious and social activities of the resistance leadership. The Pakistani leadership should also make the Kashmir issue its first priority in talks with India. The relations between the countries cannot improve unless the Kashmir issue is resolved. India’s non seriousness on the matter is not only threatening peace in the region but is also a serious violation of the UN’s resolutions.

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