Kalabagh dam to see no more delay, grievances of all be addressed: Mr Shah

August 7, 2017

Staff Reporter
ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Water Resources Syed Javed Ali Shah pointed out to the lack of dams as one of the major problems of the times while talking in the renowned show of Roze News, Sachi Baat. Editor in Chief Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Chairman Roze News Sardar Khan Niazi said that government has taken an appreciative step by introducing a separate Ministry of Water Resources. Mr Shah said that the uncertainties on KalaBagh dam have always been an obstacle. “Kalabagh dam is my utmost preference. I will bring all the provinces on one table and will address the doubts of all”, he added. Kalabagh dam will see no more delay and grievances of all the parties will be addressed. SK Niazi pronounced the Ministry of Water Resources as the most important one in the country and directed the attention of the federal minister to the deprived province, Baluchistan. He said that even after CPEC, the water shortage of Gawader has not been resolved. Mr Shah seemed to be hopeful and said though it would be too early to lay out the specific steps but the water shortage of all the provinces will soon become a talk of past. He further added that PML-N has the credit of introducing number of power plants. Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif was looked upon as the savior of the nation by the federal minister as he pointed out to the huge budget set out for water projects in Punjab. He said that the responsibility of providing clean water was up to the provinces. He longed for other provinces to follow the footsteps of the Punjab Chief Minister. In response to the question of large number of ministries, Mr Shah said that it isn’t because of any insecurity rather it is to provide up to the mark services to the public. He further negated the stance of Nawaz Sharif on disqualification as the conspiracy from the other institutes. But blatantly called Panama Leaks as an international conspiracy. He seemed to be skeptical about the court decision and grilled the media houses on creating an aggressive and tilted approach while reporting the Panama issue.