JIT and the Pocket Money

July 14, 2017

The JIT’s report has unveiled some abject, ridiculous and funny shades of the politics of Pakistan. The nation owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Captain Safdar for his unprecedentedly stunning statement before the JIT.
It has been reported in the mainstream media that Captain Safdar told JIT that he bought all his property by the pocket that he receives from the Sharif family. In our society such a statement has all potential to be declared a “Breaking News”. Often babies get pocket money and even they get it from their parents or guardians. This is the sole example of its kind that a retired officer gets pocket money from his in laws. Here comes a crunch question to fore: What is the status of Captain Safdar? Is he under the guardianship of his father in law? Doesn’t he have any other source of income? After all he is member of the Parliament and must be getting a handsome amount from the national exchequer so how one can digest this funny pill of comedy that he gets pocket money from his son in law. This is not a simple question. It has many legal implications. If he is under the guardianship of his father in law, it definitely stirs some crunch legal question and if the facts deny his statement his own credentials are at stake.
One must not forget that the JIT has already given a blow to the credibility of Captain Safdar in its report wherein it has termed captain Safdar “dishonest and deceitful”. Although it is not a court verdict yet it can’t be sidestepped or ignored. It has all the potential to shape the political narrative that would be hostile towards ruling elite in general and to Captain Safdar in particular.
Look at some of the excerpts of the JIT report:
“He was untruthful, dishonest, deceitful, and shifty on many accounts displaying wanting conduct…..his emphasis was on propagating that he was highly upright, self-contained, and an independent person with the facts brought out by him during the investigation”
Now if one thinks these observations have no importance, one is naïve.

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