ISIS emergence and its impact on Muslim world

October 25, 2017


By Dr. Irfan Ashraf

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) commonly known as DAESH is an extremist organisation operating in more than 150 countries of the world with different agendas and concepts. However this group claimed to be Jihadi, but practically failed to impress Muslim world because their operations are not in line with Islamic concept of Jihad. I would like to draw your attention over the structure of this organisation and possible players behind it.  Background of Abu Bakker Baghdadi shows that in the formation of ISIS American CIA has a great role as some photos of the CIA officials and DAESH chief have circulated on Social media, but let’s consider it a rumour as CIA denied any link with DAESH, let’s discuss the objectives of DAESH which can help us to understand forces behind ISIS.

As mentioned above DAESH’s agenda and targets are different in different countries, somewhere it is working against oppressors while somewhere it is operating against victims. For example in case of Afghanistan it should be fighting against NATO but the situation is totally different as its operations are against Afghan Taliban which are fighting against NATO alliance. So in result of fighting with DAESH definitely Afghan Taliban will be in loss as DAESH also playing role to create factions among Taliban and then welcoming these splinter groups in ISIS. DAESH also pays handsome salaries to their commanders.

After depth study one can observe that DAESH in Afghanistan is helping NATO instead of Taliban who are fighting against occupied forces. Secondly let’s discuss about Pakistan in past few months DAESH claim responsibility of few terror attacks in Pakistan like suicide attack on Lawyers in Quetta, Quetta police training centre attack and few other terrorist activities countywide. Here the question arises, is there any network of DAESH in Pakistan? You will find there is no direct network of ISIS, so then how do they operate and claim their existence?

Here is the most researched and investigative answer of the question , same like in Afghanistan ISIS focused on terror groups operating in Pakistan but there structure dismantled due to operation Zarb e Azab and then Operation Raddul Fasad. So DAESH provides them oxygen ,offered them heavy salaries  ,advanced weapons and all what required, so these networks who are dying due to operations trying to raise their heads under the huge supplies by DAESH and are carrying out terror Activities again in Pakistan.

In Balochistan mostly the name ‘Lashker e Jhangvi Al Almee’ is claiming responsibilities these days but the fact is all that DAESH foot soldiers are the people who are ignored by society due to their criminal doings and these people have nothing to do with Islam nor necessary all operatives are Muslim even but for the preaching of youth they have a network based in USA, India and Afghanistan who brainwashed Muslim youth via identification of some negatives in our society.

Agenda of the hidden forces behind this network is to destabilize Islamic world especially in case of Pakistan their agenda is to carry out some big terror activities and then trying to neutralize country’s  Nuclear program as they will try to give impression that Pakistan’s nuclear is not safe and terrorist can  use it for their purpose but in Pakistan these forces can’t deliver according to their planning but now their target is the second most important country of Muslim world ‘Turkey’ which is indeed playing wonderful role for victimizations of Muslims all over the world, like Pakistan Turkey also welcomed migrants from different countries and raised voice for Ronhingyaa Muslims , Muslims of Syria and also even for Kashmir, recent terror attacks in Turkey and last year failed coup attempt at the cost of Turkish President Recep Tayab Erdegon and no doubt ISIS applying same formula for Turkey to supporting PKK , FETO and other tenor groups to destabilize Turkey. So the conclusion is to make a combine strategic efforts to Block the pipelines of DAESH by working at diplomatic level and also starting awareness campaign inside Muslim youth to stop them being used by ISIS.