Hybrid Warfare

October 16, 2017

(Muhammad Saim Javed)
The new threat to Global peace and security is rather undefined, having no firm definition but rather the word is self-defining, asymmetrical, a new dimension of warfare after conventional, non-conventional, modern and info-warfare. The new threat confronting GPS is insidious and not easily defined or identified. Hybrid threats are much more tough than the amalgamation of the existing threats.
Sophisticated campaigns that combine low-level conventional and special operations; offensive cyber and space actions; and psychological operations that use social and traditional media to influence popular perception and international opinion.

‘’The paradox then is that the global order enjoys more stakeholders than ever before yet it has very few guarantors.” Defines the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
It’s an umbrella term that has amalgamated the terrorism, piracy, corruption, sectarian and ethnic conflicts between the groups or states.
With the globalization, security threats are not only posed by Geographical coordinates, not bound by terrestrial limits and may manifest them through cyberspace against interests.
The organizations, individuals and networks that animate the hybrid threat, “employ a complex blend of means that includes the orchestration of diplomacy, political interaction, humanitarian aid, social pressures, economic development, savvy use of the media and military force.” In short they avail themselves of a comprehensive range of methods and weapons to accomplish their objectives; a comprehensive approach to goal attainment.
Creation of battlespace is one of the way hybrid warfare operates-creating the battle space- Syria, in the civil war the state apparatus was so botched, arising new groups-battlespace created-deteriorating the milieu, similarly was in Iraq back in 2003, the battlespace erupted due to dis-functionalized state apparatus, Iraqis then seeing the blood of US and terrorist outfits. The case with Syria is pathetic, the outfits have used the experience and tactic former episodes to make a full stage, making agonising migrations. Clusters involved.
In south Asia, India has stabbed against Pakistan where Afghan soil in collaboration with Afghan government playing well, taking advantage of the porous border to destabilise Pakistan, come destabilise and then run back to Afghan soil, happened in APS attack and others. The Kalboshan, and other spate of events in which India is investing from Syria, Iraq, Iran and other frontiers to make happen the useful tactic-investing in Afghanistan- terrorist ensembles. The timing is very crucial because CPEC is being executed with amplified esteem and China’s OBOR vision is being executed, threatening the strategic and economic importance of Pakistan, India making Pakistan formidable. (Recommended book for the subject is MODI hybrid war on CPEC by Andrew Korybko)
Some sources claim Pakistan establishment have decided to eventually seal the border once the op in border contingent frontiers is complete, chuck out all the resident Afghans and acting as a major mediator between rabid Islamic outfits and US government. Taliban will perhaps be the elitist on Indian activities on Afghan soil.
A question irrupts here who are the exporters and importers of Hybrid warfare, US, Russia, India are the major exporters, while the developing countries are their victim, technologically smart nations, having manifolds of revenues to invest.
Pakistan has smartly countered this hybrid warfare, the ops especially Zarb-e-Azab, Rad-ul-fasad, exposing the Jadva’s case, the intelligence deterrence by ISI,MI, field battle by Pak Army, Police, Paramilitary forces needs some swishing acclaim. Pakistan media has also invested kernel tactics to sabotage this warfare, plethora assignments are required hitherto.
As said by COAS ‘’every Pakistani is the soldier of Zarb-e-Azab’’ , everyone should play its part is countering this menace.
An effective foreign policy which envisaged, future tactics and confronting Pakistan’s regional and strategic results is the first need of time, unfortunately Pakistan is thwarted in this prospect. Our diplomats, FO haven’t played their due required role in this sphere because the homeland foreign policies were in uncertain and unpredictable, our lack of planning in deciding our role with US in the WAT, direction and motive of new US administration with Pakistan. FO has no doubt also failed in engaging the world powers to save and image our interest.
As explained earlier, Economic factor is the crucial point in anchoring this problem, economic sustainability, ideological guidance of youth and focused approach of every individual are the key factors in halting the hybrid warfare. Social media stake holders should play their pivotal role in anchoring the correct information, keeping the self-interests and in Pakistan’s case, obviously we need a prowess foreign policy that would be ensuring our interests.

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