German Deputy Foreign Minister visits Amantech

June 11, 2015

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: A political and business delegation from Germany lead by Deputy Foreign Minister of Germany, Mr. Stephan Steinlein visited Amantech, one of Pakistan’s premier vocational training institutes here on Thursday. Ahmad Jalal, CEO, The Aman Foundation, and Shams Badruddin, CEO of Amantech, welcomed the delegation. The delegates were given a tour of the institute where students demonstrated their newly learned skills. The new Mechatronics workshop which was recently launched as a result of GIZ’s partnership with Amantech was of particular interest to the delegation.

The Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Steinlein, expressed his appreciation for Amantech in his address: “I am very impressed to see the facility and opportunity being given to the underserved at Amantech.” Speaking on the occasion Shams Badruddin commented that the institute is looking to scale the vocational training initiative and build upon collaborative partnerships in order to expand vocational training to cater to more fields and increase employment opportunities for the students

Addressing the delegates Ahmad Jamal said that the partnership between Aman Foundation, Amantech and GIZ is helping in empowering the youth through exceptional hands-on skills training and he intends to further build upon the partnership with Germany.