Entangling Security Situation in Afghanistan

October 5, 2017

By Wajid Akmal

Earlier, it was analyzed by certain think tanks that there was a possibility of convergence of Afghan Taliban leadership and the IS elements, as Initially the so called estranged groups of Afghan Taliban were joining the notorious group. However, at later stage, it got cleared that no such possibility exists. some experts linked that discourse of Afghan Taliban with the unexpected defeat of IS in Syria and Iraq. It possibly shattered the intended future plan of Afghan Taliban. if that scenario ever emerged, it would give a certain boost not to Afghan Taliban but IS movement in the region. However, at this stage, the theory is proving contradictory, as major differences and disputes between the two entities in Afghanistan have emerged, which claimed serious and brutal clashes between IS and Taliban elements in few provinces of Afghanistan, causing considerable damages to each other. Obviously, the trickling down effect of that situation has also effected the peace of the adjoining Tribal areas of Pakistan. Hence, there were and are genuine concerns of Pakistan to develop an enhanced border management system at the Pak-Afghan border. Unfortunately, Afghanistan has practically not taken any quotable step towards this end, but always falsely accused Pakistan on her every major security failure. In Afghanistan, there are divergent political and diplomatic issues, linked with different stakeholders, which is drifting the Afghan peace chariot from the destination of peace and prosperity. The main spoiler of the peace in Afghanistan is India. It needs to be understood by Afghan policy makers that only the Afghan govt should decide their intended destiny by adopting uninterrupted national interests based policy for resolving the protracted issues. An overlook on the recently revealed policy of the US government towards Afghanistan, it explains that the US administration has failed to carve out any constructive policy to relieve the common Afghan from their miseries, which is mainly inflicted by the forced occupation of Afghanistan by the US and Allied forces. In Afghanistan, the US forces have been affianced in the longest war in American history. Perhaps. it is because, after more than sixteen years of futile efforts and $700 billion expenditure, the US has little to show the world about their achievements; other than an incredibly weak, corrupt and puppet government, installed in Kabul and a never-ending Taliban insurgency. The earlier endeavors of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani towards bringing the Afghan Taliban on the negotiating Table; without the external help has proved to be a cosmetic approach. So far, he has failed to prove his theory of solo flight in bringing Afghan Taliban on the negotiating table. His recent gestures of readiness to cooperate with Pakistan, seems to be a gimmickry ,as practically, there are no evidences of making efforts to improve relations with Pakistan, rather its getting at the lowest point. His personal misconception of resolving the Afghan conflict, in addition to the Afghan internal political and bureaucratic oppositions, duly influenced by India, has disrupted all his previous positive moves. There are no doubts that the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has faced undue pressures from internal and external forces, as his earlier endeavors for bringing a positive change in the country’s foreign policy, while correcting it from an Indian axis to a friendly Pakistan, was harshly opposed by pro- Indian forces. The current complex situation in Afghanistan and all the internal and external lingering issues ,could only be resolved by adopting an indigenous, balanced and national interest based approaches and decisions by the Afghan govt.

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