China praises Pakistan overcoming energy shortage

December 6, 2017

BEIJING: China has praised Pakistan for overcoming energy shortage, hoping that the country’s overall economy will also get improved, with the completion of relevant projects under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

This was stated by a Chinese expert in foreign affairs and energy sector Dr. Cui Shoujun while talking here with a group of visiting Pakistani delegation.

The CPEC, he said is an important part of Belt and Road initiative and it will boost Pakistan’s economy through fast growing Sino-Pak cooperative partnership. Pakistan’s economy gets due benefit of China’s economic rise, he added.

Dr. Cui said that CPEC will be very helpful in providing shortest route to the regional countries for oil imports. Pakistan and China will be main beneficiaries, he contended.  He said that India was not happy after launching of CPEC and it was creating hurdle in its smooth implementation, while whole world was taking interest in Belt and Road initiative.

He said China wants to see a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan so that Chinese investment and workers work there with complete safety and comfort. He further added that due to successful implementation of CPEC, Pakistan’s economy was being integrated with China’s economy and will bring huge economic benefits to both sides.

Answering a question, Dr. Cui said that China has launched massive campaign to eliminate menace of corruption and has arrested more than 26000 high level officials in last five years and most of them went through harsh punishments including life imprisonment.

He emphasized that there should be more people to people exchanges between the two countries for making their decades’ old relationship more strong  and  effective for achieving their future socio-economic targets. INP