Chairman NAB’s decision to listen public’s complaints laudable step

November 13, 2017


By Bushra Khan

Corruption is the mother of all evils which not only depletes country’s resources but also assassinates merit and transparency, blocks the chances of the deserving to prosper. Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal, the consensus choice of both the leader of the house and leader of the opposition, enjoying unblemished record is an able, upright and a patriot, person. He has the faith on Almighty Allah and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Owing to his clean record, the nomination of Justice Javed Iqbal as Chairman NAB has widely been appreciated by all segments of the society. The whole Pakistan pinned hopes on chairman NAB for elimination of corruption. This consensus among all segments has increased the confidence of chairman NAB manifold.

The nomination of chairman NAB has been made after thorough consideration. Justice Javed Iqbal is the only personality who has the guts to vociferously pursue zero tolerance policy against the corrupt. He has the capacity to punish the culprits by rejecting any duress and other unfair means used by the culprits to get favors. Justice Javed Iqbal worked diligently, honestly and dedication while heading Abottabad Commission and Commission of Missing Persons under the banners of justice for all. Justice Iqbal traced over 2700 mission persons with his sheer dedication during his stint as chairman Missing Persons.

As a judge of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Javed Iqbal ensured “Justice for all” and announced historical judgments which could be written with golden words. Immediately after assuming the responsibilities of Chairman NAB, Justice Javed Iqbal in his first address to NAB officials announced his future strategy and course of action. He addressed in national language Urdu and announced that the verdicts of the apex court would be implemented in their true letter and spirit. Appointments, promotions, seniority and other service matters of NAB Employees would be dealt strictly according to law within NAB transparently and on merit. Provincial Quota of every province would be implemented strictly. No injustice will be done with any province. NAB will have no place for inefficient, corrupt offices.

Only upright, hardworking officials would be taken care of in NAB as the law empowers officials to ensure self accountability. Law also prohibits officials the filthy use of their legal powers. New Chairman NAB directs officials to play their due role diligently for elimination of corruption.

Chairman announced new policy to improve their workings and deal the visiting people with dedication, so that the people could feel free to visit their NAB office for lodging complaints about corruption.

This will not only enhance prestige of NAB but also bolster people’s confidence on NAB. The capacity of NAB officials has been enhanced and made at par with current time needs.NAB has the services of a modern forensic laboratory. All resources will be utilized to nab proclaimed offenders and also pursue their cases in courts with renewed vigor. Now justice would be visible against the corrupt. There would be only work, work and work in the NAB as the institution has no grudge against anyone its only duty is to recover the looted money from the corrupt and deposit it into national exchequer and will ensure punishing the culprits from relevant courts. NAB does not believe on taking personal revenge against anyone.

Chairman NAB has opened door for NAB officials but he will listen peoples’ complaints from 2 pm to 4 pm on the last Thursday of every month in NAB headquarters in the presence of senior officers of NAB. People have lauded the decision as the chairman has started practical steps to eliminate corruption. This will not only help promptly addressing people’s corruption related complaints but also improve performance of NAB. It has become crystal clear that the new Chairman is serious as he believes in practical steps for corruption elimination. Corruption could be eliminated from the society with combined efforts of all members of the society. Pakistan could become corruption free country with collective efforts of each member of society. Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB has taken the initiative and whole nation prays for the chairman’s success in his endeavors to eliminate corruption. Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB has taken a laudable step for activating NAB to make Pakistan corruption free Country.

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