Attacks on security personnel

March 2, 2018

At least six security personnel were martyred in two separate attacks in Quetta on Wednesday. In the first attack, two police officials were martyred when assailants opened fire at the vehicle of Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Hameedullah Dasti on Quetta’s Samungli Road. The DSP narrowly escaped in the incident, but two policemen guarding Dasti died on the spot. Dasti and his wife were inside the cabin of the vehicle with bullet proof glasses and thus escaped the attack. Police sources termed the incident as an act of targeted killing in the city.
In the second attack, at least four security personnel were martyred in a suicide attack. The attack, targeting a Frontier Corps and Levies camp, also injured six personnel of FC. The explosion took place in Nauhisar area on the outskirts of the provincial capital.
It has been witnessed in last few months that terrorists are working on a strategy to attack security personnel in the city. In incidents of target killings many high profile people, including high ups of police force, have been killed in Quetta. Earlier this month, four men of the Frontier Corps (FC) were gunned down in an incident of firing on Quetta’s Saryab Road. Militants usually use the tactic of roadside explosions and suicide attacks to target the security officials.
Despite efforts of law enforcement agencies to eliminate terrorists from the province, it is still a fact that Balochistan is facing number of security challenges. Recent attacks on police officers reflect the fact that militants are still capable of carrying out attacks in the city. It should be a big concern that despite numerious suicide attacks, militants are still managing in infiltrating the area to reach to their target and detonate explosives without being identified and stopped. After terrorist activities, usually terrorist go in hiding and then again plan another heinous activity. In such a scenario, more preemptive operations based on intelligence required that militants can be eliminated before they could succeed in planning any terrorist activity. Continued terrorist attacks have proved that war against terrorism is far from over and more efforts are required to root out this menace.
More efforts are required to eliminate continued terrorists attacks in Quetta.

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