Apathy towards public issues

February 13, 2018

The most essential sectors for the prosperity of our country are unfortunately the most disregarded in Pakistan. Both health and education sectors in Pakistan are in dismal state. As far as the health sector goes in its 70-year history, Pakistan’s varying governments, be it civil or military have not considered health as the priority. It is mournful that exchanges around health strategy get practically no space in the plans of political gatherings. And keeping in mind that the media tends to report vigorously on particular heath-related emergencies, for example, the spread of polio, debate on the dreadful health services is almost nonexistent. As is said there is a need to identify the problem so as to identify it. How many administrative visits by the government departments are organized for the government hospitals explains the entire interest the government is putting into this area. The amount spent on health services out of the total GDP of the country doesn’t even allow the administration to bring any betterment in the system. Abysmal health services of the country leave the patients with the only option of private hospitals. But the apathy depicted by our government has no match, be it the developed west or the developing one like Sri Lanka, public expenditure provides for the patients health. They are being facilitated in all possible ways unlike Pakistan. Poor masses here in Pakistan, do not ask for any financial assistance anymore from the government but they still expect it to bring betterment in the quality of the health services provided in the government hospitals. People who are being crammed in the emergency wards over each other and those who lose their loved ones everyday due to poor health conditions in the hospitals are not at all interested in the macro level issues that are raised in the lavish assembly halls of our Parliament. People who are being thrown on the filthy beds of the government hospitals and those who are not even allowed entry into the wards due to lack of space hear the echoes of party slogans and witness the ongoing personality cult in our political system. If the Government hospitals in major cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad can leave anyone astounded then the condition of the backward areas can rightly be estimated. A number of surveys and research papers have been provided in this regard but the apathy of the government towards health sector remains unshakable.
Issues like public health and education issues are rarely prioritized by government.

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