Another incident of brutality

April 13, 2018

A local singer was shot dead during a festive ceremony in Kanga village near Larkana on Tuesday. Twenty-four-year-old Samina Samoon, also known as Samina Sindhu, was allegedly shot dead by Tarique Ahmed Jatoi while she was performing at the gathering.

She had reportedly refused to oblige his ‘request’ that she stand up while she sang. The accused, who was allegedly intoxicated, had badgered the victim to comply before he shot her dead. It was also reported that most of the guests present in the event were under the influence of alcohol and were drunk.

The slain singer’s husband told journalists that she had been six months pregnant with their child. Her husband wants to see the perpetrator and his two accomplices booked for double murder given that the couple’s unborn child was also killed.

As per statement of her husband, SHO of local police station was also present in the function. He saw sitting behind his wife when she was shot. Incident happened in presence of many and it should not be an issue to find the witnesses. As per reports influential family of killers is putting pressure on him to settle the issue, we have to wait and see either culprits involved in this incident of sheer inhumanity are brought to justice or not.

This incident reflects the mindset of landlords, mainly in the Sindh province that how inhumanly they treat people with less power and resources. It also stressed the need to crack down on those carrying personal firearms. It portrays the harsh reality of the society in which superior or landlords, people with power and wealth, consider women underprivileged. Especially women who sing and perform in the functions are considered public property. Such incidents keep occurring because of the sense of getting away after using the power and influence.

Many international surveys have reflected the sorry state of affairs of women in this society. It is high time that our country to take stern action in discouraging gender patriarchy. Violence against women should incur the most serious of sentences and unchecked misogyny must be tackled. Sindh government and Chief Minister Syed Murad ali Shah should take up the issue seriously and all the efforts must be utilized in ensuring justice in the heartless incident.

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