Another claim of ending load shedding

December 7, 2017

Resolving energy crisis by producing sufficient electricity was one of the many pledges of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz before general elections of 2013. At first it was claimed that PMLN would end load shedding in six months after forming government, later it was termed by none other than the party leader as an ambitious political rhetoric. During last four and half years government kept giving time periods for ending the load shedding, but it remained unable to completely eliminate shortage of electricity.

Now Federal Minister for Power Division Awais Leghari said on Sunday that PML-N government had fulfilled the promise, which it had made to the public four-and-a-half years ago, of producing surplus electricity in the country. While addressing a press conference he said that at the moment overall electricity generation has gone up to 16,477 megawatt, which was about 2700 megawatt more than the demand. Leghari said when the PML-N came into power in 2013, the country was producing only 9,279 megawatt electricity against the demand of 11,800 megawatt, facing average shortfall of 2500 megawatt and almost eight to ten hours load-shedding.

It is a pleasing development that government has substantially controlled the issue of load shedding, which once seemed like a never ending problem. But some critics also are arguing that claim of government contains political motives in it as next general elections are not too far. Many believe that move is also an attempt to appease the voters. They say consumption of electricity is way less in winter than its demand in summers, when need of electricity increases manifold. It will be proved in scorching heat of summers, when populace need more electricity to beat the heat, that government has controlled load shedding or not. Considering the past hollow claims of government people are a bit reluctant to accept the news of eradication of the problem. It will be in the best interest of ruling party to brush aside speculations and prove that energy crisis has been resolved once and for all. By doing so, apprehension of people can be turned into certainty in order to get a larger vote bank.

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