A vague confession

September 29, 2017

‘Pakistan foreign minister accepted the liability of extreme militant groups’, read the headline of most of the newspapers after the statement of Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif at Asia Society, New York. The strong rebuttal of Pakistan on Donald Trump’s policy regarding South Asia was made obsolete by our own foreign minister. He not only hinted at the presence of militant groups but also highlighted the incompetency of the country to deal with such groups. What he wanted to highlight was partially factual but this confused strategy was not expected from a person of his stature. Yes, it was United States that wanted to fight back the soviets and gave home to retaliation and aggression in South Asia. But these groups who were once dear to US changed the line of their fight. The freedom fighters turned the course of their struggle and went against the state factors. What Pakistan witnessed afterwards was not the same fighters who fought against the soviets but the terrorists who shunned the country in all the areas. Pakistan was left at the mercy of these brutal entities. It might not have the assets to fight back but it did its best not only to fight these militants but also to those who were sent from across the border. It remains unclear if the foreign office is looking for better alliance with America or is just adopting a confrontational stance by calling Trump’s statements as ‘blatant lies’. The foreign policy depicted by Khawaja Asif is as confusing as a former Minister for Water and Power in the foreign office. It was a time when Pakistan was facing some serious setbacks from the major world powers. The vacant post of foreign minster could have had a better alternative, a fact well proved after his indistinct statements. Pakistan has denied the presence of Haqqani network time and again; it has shorn of the allegation of housing extremist organisations on its soil. None of such rebuttals could keep our foreign minister from conversing about ‘keeping our house in order by banning militant groups’, which are actually not found in Pakistan.
FM Khawaja Asif closed his eyes to the years old war on terror, accepting liabilities of militants

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