A Massive Win

June 18, 2017

The writer is a bilingual columnist and a Talk Show host. He can be reached at asifislu@hotmail.com

The writer is a bilingual columnist and a Talk Show host. He can be reached at asifislu@hotmail.com

By Asif Mahmood

An unprecedented and much needed victory. A massive win and the heads bowed before Allah Almighty. What a scene it was. I wonder if I can ever forget it. Defeating India in the final with such a huge margin and the whole team bows before Allah, it was a treat. It was joy.It was beauty. It reminds us of the six that Javed Miandad hit years back. It also reminds us 1992 victory. It is something as pleasant as Eid in Ramzan. Thank you team Cricket and more than that Thank you my Lord.

I also wonder the sick minds of retired cricketers would come with any other devilish idea to side step this victory or their stupid sound and fury becomes a whimper with this massive win.

This is a victory that must be celebrated and the celebrations must be felt and they are being felt across the globe. Defeating India have always been something heroic in Pakistan but this time it is much more than that as the victory itself was awaited since long. The day has finally come. Thank you team Pakistan for providing us with such memorable moments.

Fakhar is really a wonder player. Imran khan has very rightly said that it was wonderful to watch Fakhar’s raw talent in action. It was really a wonderful performance. It also indicates that still we have awesome talent in Pakistan. What we need is only to locate it and give a chance. Now that we have won the final, it doesn’t mean we should overlook our shortcomings. The fact can’t be denied that certain senior players in the team are becoming a liability. They should retire or be retired, the sooner the better. The juniors have won us this final. We owe them a lot. We need new fresh emerging talent. This is the time the Board must ask some like Shoaib Malik and Hafeez to quit with honor.

The fresh talent is there. No one cans stop it. No one should try any dirty tactics.