4th worst country for women

December 1, 2017

In recently released rankings of the Georgetown Institute’s Women, Peace and Security Pakistan is at fourth number in the list of worst countries for women. According to the list, out of 153 countries Pakistan ranks 150, it means just three more countries that are Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen, are ranked higher than Pakistan.

This report once again has reflected the fact that women in Pakistan are deprived from most of their rights. Statistics in the index show many areas of the society, where more participation of women is required. When it comes to employment only 24 percent women in Pakistan are employed. Report further states that most of the male members of a family are not in the favour of women to work, 73 percent male members don’t allow females in the family to go out for the purpose of job. Another major reason for less percentage of female workers is the negative attitude of male colleagues towards them. One fourth of the women surveyed revealed that they had been subjected to violence by their intimate partners.

Report claims that 1.09 males are born for every female born in Pakistan, which is higher than the 1.05 natural demographic rate, meaning that Pakistanis have a son bias. The state of women’s education is also very dismal. Women’s average years of schooling in the country stands at only five years, while only 33 per cent of Pakistani women have been found to use cellphones. Due to illiteracy most of the women are not aware with their due rights. They are not even aware with the laws which protect those rights.

Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that women and men would work side by side to make this country prosperous, but sadly we have forgotten that message. In every progressive society women have equal rights as they contribute immensely in every field of life. In developed countries women are equally contributing in the economic, social and social progress. We as a society need to eliminate discriminatory practices in order to give more chances to women to contribute in the betterment of society. In order to end gender based discrimination state also needs to ensure implementation of laws those secure their rights.

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